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Posted by in Natural Beauty on Aug 22, 2012 .
Certified organic makeup - Couleur Caramel

Wonderful results and environmentally friendly

Over the years, from its development until now; natural and organic products have quickly taken its place in the world. Known worldwide and used by everyone, organic makeup products are being used and praised by many, due to their wonderful results and environmentally friendly outcome.  The use of word “natural” is not restricted and is not controlled but should only be used when the product is actually natural. The expression “organic” should be used to accurately describe the product and cosmetics that fit all the outlines to be deemed organic; chemical free, no toxics...

Posted by in Natural Beauty, Organic Mother & Baby on Aug 15, 2012 .
How Safe are Your Beauty Products?

With beautiful packaging and tempting words such as natural, gentle, and dermatologist approved, it is easy to believe that the beauty products that line the shelves of your bathroom are all free from chemicals and toxins that may do you harm, but have you actually checked the ingredients?

Sadly manufacturers of cosmetic and beauty products can print labels that are misleading and incomplete without breaking the law. There is very little regulation over the ingredients that these manufacturers put in personal care products, and safety testing of the ingredients is not required. They aren’t obliged to list the ingredients, and you...

Posted by in Natural Beauty on Jul 05, 2012 .
How to Achieve the Natural Look

In an ideal world adopting a natural dewy fresh-faced look wouldn’t require any make up at all, but for most of us, getting the natural look just right requires careful application. The natural look is ideal for daytime functions such as weddings and garden parties, so it often needs to last all day. The two keys to keeping the natural look modern and fresh are ensuring the skin in well moisturized before you start, and using translucent textures to eliminate shine.   

Step 1 – Natural Foundation

Prepare the skin by making sure it is well hydrated. A great choice would be Hyper Hydrate Moisturising Cream from Lily Loves...

Posted by in Natural Beauty on Jul 03, 2012 .
Soaking up Toxins Through the Skin

Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, and we have a tendency to think of it as an impermeable protective layer, but in fact the skin is a two way street, absorbing substances into our bodies, and also eliminating waste products through sweat and sebaceous glands.

If you need any convincing that the skin absorbs chemicals that are placed on it, just think about medications that use transdermal patches such as nicotine patches for quitting smoking, or progesterone patches for hormone replacement therapy. The skin contains digestive enzymes that convert these chemicals into a more water soluble form. Nature intended this to...

Posted by in Natural Beauty on Feb 15, 2012 .
Water Water Everywhere... Water Importance

It’s a sad fact that while many people in developing countries are desperate for clean water, most of us that are lucky enough to have easy access to a continuous supply of drinking water don’t drink enough of it and suffer from chronic dehydration.

Why We Need to Drink Water

Water is essential for every reaction in our bodies and as our blood is 90% water and our brains are 96% water it’s pretty useful stuff. Water dissolves nutrients, oxygen, hormones and a variety of other substances, carrying them around the body to where they’re needed. It is also vital for detox, removing waste products from our cells via...

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