Couleur Caramel

Couleur Caramel organic makeup offers an innovative and exclusive range of paraben-free natural make-up which combines organic ingredients and up to date technology. This organic makeup range provide a healthier alternative to mainstream cosmetics containing the purest vegetal and mineral ingredients that treat the skin and provide the skin with therapeutic benefits. The ingredients have been carefully chosen to help moisturise, regenerate, smooth, protect, nourish and revitalise the skin. They are rich in essential fatty acids, multi-vitamins, and powerful anti-oxidants to help combat the visible signs of ageing.

About Us - Organic Glow - Online Boutique

We are an online organic boutique where you’ll find a superb selection of organic cosmetics, organic skin care products, and organic baby products which will give you the beautiful skin you’ve always dreamed of using natural ingredients. At Organic Glow you can enjoy a peace of mind knowing that our organic products are free of toxic synthetic ingredients including synthetic colours, fragrances, and preservatives, and that they are never tested on animals. We carefully choose brands that provide complete disclosure of their ingredients, while avoiding those that use ingredients which are processed with petrochemicals. By doing this we can fulfil our mission to bring you the very best in organic products that nature has to offer.