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Reasons You Should Go Organic in Your Beauty Regime

Most women have three main areas where they focus their beauty regimes; body care, hair care and makeup. While most focus on all three, hardly any does not concentrate on at least one of these. For those who use non-organic beauty products, just imagine the amount of chemicals you put on your body each day and the long term dangers that could occur. Going organic in your beauty regime is beneficial in several ways.

Protecting your skin with Organic Body Care

You have probably read that the skin is the largest organ in the body, yet it is the one we often take for granted the most and rub all sorts of toxic materials on....

Posted by in Natural Beauty, Organic Mother & Baby on Sep 24, 2012 .
The organic beauty world

The focus on beauty and anti aging has bought about many changes in the cosmetic world. The chemical use was completely over done and results minimal, but through the darkness emerge the light, a greater and better form of cosmetic, changing the way we view makeup and rate beauty; the organic beauty world.

The establishment of the organic beauty world has truly changed the thought of makeup and for the better; no longer will you suffer the impacts of chemical covers, and dread the results. The women of today are becoming more aware about the use of the chemical products. These chemicals not only poisoning your skin and body, is...

Posted by in Organic Mother & Baby on Sep 07, 2012 .
Organic Baby Products

Nobody should be exposed to toxic chemicals, but for tiny babies and young children making sure that the products you use are kind to their bodies is particularly crucial.

Because of their size babies and young children absorb a higher volume of toxins relative to their weight than adults do, and these can have a greater impact on organs that are still developing. Their immature systems are less able to defend against chemical damage and although there may not be immediately obvious effects, small amounts of damage in childhood can lead to critical illness later in life.

Tips on Reducing Your Child’s Exposure

There are...

Posted by in Natural Beauty, Organic Mother & Baby on Aug 15, 2012 .
How Safe are Your Beauty Products?

With beautiful packaging and tempting words such as natural, gentle, and dermatologist approved, it is easy to believe that the beauty products that line the shelves of your bathroom are all free from chemicals and toxins that may do you harm, but have you actually checked the ingredients?

Sadly manufacturers of cosmetic and beauty products can print labels that are misleading and incomplete without breaking the law. There is very little regulation over the ingredients that these manufacturers put in personal care products, and safety testing of the ingredients is not required. They aren’t obliged to list the ingredients, and you...

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