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Wonderful results and environmentally friendly

Over the years, from its development until now; natural and organic products have quickly taken its place in the world. Known worldwide and used by everyone, organic makeup products are being used and praised by many, due to their wonderful results and environmentally friendly outcome.  The use of word “natural” is not restricted and is not controlled but should only be used when the product is actually natural. The expression “organic” should be used to accurately describe the product and cosmetics that fit all the outlines to be deemed organic; chemical free, no toxics and no harm.

Many organic makeup products such as organic blush and organic mascara can be marked as organic or natural thanks to the programs founded by the cosmetic industry to certify a product as organic or natural.


Organic certification

ECOCERT is one of the many programs that have created standards for products that contain organic ingredients. ECOCERT has defined the standard for the labelling and marketing of products deemed organic products. The ECOCERT standard limits the use of chemicals in the products marked organic. ECOCERT exist to establish a connection between certain cosmetic products and the respect of the environment.  ECOCERT safeguards a real enhanced value of the natural substances used, the true practice of the respect of the environment, throughout the production process and the true respect of the consumer.

There are other more established programs that boast a more accurate marking of the word “organic” in their products. When their products are reviewed, and marked, you the consumer can know what is organic, what is natural, and what is good for you and your body.

All these organic cosmetics; organic blush, organic mascara and organic eye shadow have been successfully marked as organic and promote all the benefits they should. Thanks to the standards of the many organic cosmetics industries, you’re provided natural makeup that will always be good; ideal for you and your body.


Couleur Caramel organic makeup

Out of the many cosmetic lines, that provide organic makeup; Couleur Caramel is one of the newest and leading make up lines. ouleur Caramel organic makeup incorporates organic floral ingredients, essential oils, vitamins and minerals that allow you to create versatile looks without the harmful ingredients found in the makeup market. Their use of organic ingredients combined with recyclable packaging  has made them a truly appreciated line within France and across the rest of the globe. Their partnership with natural ingredients has provided a revolutionary colour line, that is unmatched by any other cosmetic lines, organic or chemical; they are incomparable.

By combining the natural ingredients from all the corners of the world, a trickle of nature and a touch of freethinking, Couleur Caramel has created reliable products, bent on producing results, while protecting the environment. Couleur Caramel Philosophy is RESPECT for humans, animals, the environment and our planet and they do this by providing you with the products that are made from the purest ingredients to optimize your skins potential, while maintaining the environment's beauty.

Couleur Caramel is the most highly rated cosmetic line, for it has earned the ECOCERT label of assurance. Meeting all its standards, Couleur Caramel has created something truly unique and preferred, because of their careful selection to provide the greatest results,  that causes all other organic product, to fade in comparison.

Now , we understand  how they lived up to ECOCERT standards; Couleur Caramel is exceptional quality through  urbane cosmetics; their respect of the environment, the respect for humans, and the respect of animals is their driving force and we not only see this in their organic makeup products but we can also feel it through their wonderful results.




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