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Reasons You Should Go Organic in Your Beauty Regime

Most women have three main areas where they focus their beauty regimes; body care, hair care and makeup. While most focus on all three, hardly any does not concentrate on at least one of these. For those who use...

Organic Hair care - The benefits of using organic hair products

Hair makes a statement about who you are, and reflects your health at the same time. The Question of why should one be using organic hair products lies in the heart of the possible harm chemically created hair...

Posted by in Natural Beauty on Oct 13, 2012 .
Behind the brand - La Mav Organic Skin Science

Australian first certified organic anti ageing skin care range, La Mav Skincare, was born from a desire to create a highly effective skin range that would be gentle on the skin and the environment.

After the...

Posted by in Natural Beauty on Sep 24, 2012 .
Behind the brand - Pangea Organics


Some call him sagely, most call him a wunderkind, yet everyone can agree on one thing: Pangea Organics’ founder and CEO, Joshua Onysko, is an exemplary model for smart,...

Posted by in Natural Beauty, Organic Mother & Baby on Sep 24, 2012 .
The organic beauty world

The focus on beauty and anti aging has bought about many changes in the cosmetic world. The chemical use was completely over done and results minimal, but through the darkness emerge the light, a greater and...

Organic Moisturisers: Choosing The Correct Moisturiser To Use

When choosing the correct organic moisturiser to use, it is important that you meet the needs of your actual skin and also equally important to match the product to your correct skin type. Moisturiser is not just...

Posted by in Natural Beauty on Aug 22, 2012 .
Certified organic makeup - Couleur Caramel

Wonderful results and environmentally friendly

Over the years, from its development until now; natural and organic products have quickly taken its place in the world. Known worldwide and used by...

Posted by in Natural Beauty, Organic Mother & Baby on Aug 15, 2012 .
How Safe are Your Beauty Products?

With beautiful packaging and tempting words such as natural, gentle, and dermatologist approved, it is easy to believe that the beauty products that line the shelves of your bathroom are all free from chemicals...

About Us - Organic Glow - Online Boutique

We are an online organic boutique where you’ll find a superb selection of organic cosmetics, organic skin care products, and organic baby products which will give you the beautiful skin you’ve always dreamed of using natural ingredients. At Organic Glow you can enjoy a peace of mind knowing that our organic products are free of toxic synthetic ingredients including synthetic colours, fragrances, and preservatives, and that they are never tested on animals. We carefully choose brands that provide complete disclosure of their ingredients, while avoiding those that use ingredients which are processed with petrochemicals. By doing this we can fulfil our mission to bring you the very best in organic products that nature has to offer.